Bidding Convergence Adieu


Dear Convergence Sisters, Mothers, and Mentors,

Many of you have been asking about the future of Convergence.  Every good thing has a life cycle, and this past year we have come to recognize that Convergence has come to its natural completion. We are bidding adieu to Convergence as we have known it.

Convergence was never a typical women’s event. For ten straight years this event was a collaboration of strong women who brought their creative and supportive gifts together. We all grew, experienced inspiration and the power of solidarity in community with like-minded, and other-minded women. Convergence endured as long as it did because it had life within it, well beyond it’s ten years. The women of Convergence continue to go out into the world and put the handprints of Convergence into new, creative endeavors.

In the lifespan of Convergence, women were given space to hold their grief, to resonate with global women’s experience, to be inspired by creative metaphors to fully live into our potential as women in leadership, to tell our stories year after year and celebrate each other’s growth. We faced the hard and difficult matters of life, and we also laughed together, sang together, and created together.

Convergence was possible because of dedicated planners, conveners, creators, artists, musicians, spiritual directors, facilitators, errand runners, greeters, prayers, yoga teachers, masseuses, as well supportive men who contributed around the edges.  A deep and sincere mountain of gratitude is extended to each and every one of you who came and co-created this event, year after year. You made Convergence possible!

Beyond Convergence, let us continue to live into the rich experiences of our friendship, our collaborations, and the inspiration we gained from the strength of our community of women. Let us continue to join in new partnerships and endeavors that create space for the gifts we bring to this world.

Cheers to great memories and a beautiful future for women everywhere who lead in the way of Jesus!

The Convergence Team